The new concept of turnkey home

After several studies, calculations and planning, we develop a wide project with efficient spaces and alternative energy solutions which complete out current needs, connected to the daily routine.

The new concept takes into consideration the new trends of built space containment. Multiple facilities with innovating ideas offer you safe and efficient solutions at a low price.

The architecture, location and energy solution with integrated design bring a particular touch to this new concept of turnkey home with a high degree of efficiency and equipment, as counterpart to the traditional structures.


We know the final result and the benefits!
We are in connection with the sun and the energy.
Integrated design and inovation./p>


Model - hybrid energy design
Approach -evaluation, planning, organisation
• better values obtained at the thermal insulation and sound proof, through the techniques used
• Ensures the optimal conservation of the heat and its customization
• Surface used and organized as much as possible through complex solutions
• Small surface built efficiently with the effects of opened space
• More space to live in the same closed area
• Low humidity, fast dry
• Performance time and lower price with economy of money and time
• Starting to build the house with low budget, with development possibilities
• Planning and installation process perfectly organized
• The planning of implementation of the alternative energy without restrictions


The energy advantage is that the source is in the middle of the house and due to the transfer there is no loss of energy in the exterior and the recovery of the energy from the fireplace and all sources of energy are concentrated in a sole tank, very close to the consumer and the connection hoses for the kitchen and bathroom are really close.

Energy efficiency through minimal loss, ergonomic, integrated design and economy of constructed space all correlated with a guaranteed low price, through planning and the easy manner of implementation.

• space and energy advantage
• design combined with structure and a better functionality through hybrid solutions
• open spaces without crowded furniture and the modification of the interior design for different events due to the convertible furniture.
• low guaranteed costs due to customization planning and the chosen combined solutions.
• the offered solutions are personalized and adapted to the needs of the solicitors.
• the possibility of personalization and transformation according to the necessities and the event.

Sistem integrat

The convertible furniture is the solution that combines the design with the efficiency and offers extra value.


The turn key is a integrated solution of structure, energy and design with multiple facilities.


Energy box is an evolved hybrid energy system and it is enclosed in the architecture and house necessities.