Equipement of the space

Equipment of the space from the lateral parts of the fireplace with the expansion vessels, pellet bunkers, pellet burner, solar pumping group, pumps and controllers, connections to the floor heating system through distributor and the injection station in the radiators network with the control of low and high temperatures becomes a very efficient and compact system which reduces the technical space and the costs of connection to heating and hot wastewater..

It is equipped with safety system, shifting and mixing valve, STS for the fireplace protection, solar and pellet controller with sensors of visualization and measurement of temperature and pressure.

The house does not need a recirculation pipe to the kitchen and the bathroom due to the pipes that are in the vicinity and which are divided equally.


Interior Design
It creates a total there where there is only the drawing and the idea of beautiful. Beside beautiful it becomes practical, useful and efficient, well equipped and ready at hand.

The integrated design takes into consideration the comfort, elegance and harmony from the environment. The details are essential elements which define the personality and expressivity of the house. The accessories, the contrast details, the light and other particular elements define this new concept of turnkey house.

• All from one source
• Energy, space, efficiency, ergonomy, design, economy.
• Space easier to use with the same needs of energy
• The system is integrated in the middle of the house, it functions as a heat wall
• Low need of space for alternative heating systems
• Lower construction time
• More useful space through hybrid solutions.
• Significant increase of the total property

By using our technology, we guarantee a safer, more healthy, more attractive economically house, easy to build, with a higher energy level and development possibilities and planning on economical stages and technical solutions very well adapted and correlated with the design of the house.