Energy box is a hybrid system which accumulates energy from multiple sources: wood, pellets, solar, photovoltaic, gas and heat pump, wired to the floor heating system and to the radiators.
It is located in the middle of the house and decorates part of the living room, kitchen and three sides of the hallway and from the backside it can be filled, controlled or monitored.

echiparea spatiului


Equipment of the space from the lateral parts of the fireplace with the expansion vessels, pellet bunkers, pellet burner, solar pumping group, pumps and controllers, connections to the floor heating system through distributor and the injection station in the radiators network with the control of low and high temperatures becomes a very efficient and compact system which reduces the technical space and the costs of connection to heating and hot wastewater.

It is equipped with safety system, shifting and mixing valve, STS for the fireplace protection, solar and pellet controller with sensors of visualization and measurement of temperature and pressure. The house does not need a recirculation pipe to the kitchen and the bathroom due to the pipes that are in the vicinity and which are divided equally.

Sistem integrat


he system integrated in the house’s environment with the convertible furniture, customized for the spaces from the kitchen and living room correlated with design elements is the main element which makes the connection between the kitchen furniture and living room through the shelf as a separation wall and the kitchen shelf which can be converted in the kitchen table and afterwards in a double living room table.

This furniture with multiple functions saves space and offers utility and open space without overloading, through the combination of furniture and the positioning possibilities, it becomes one of the most ergonomic and efficient environmental models of turnkey house.


Puffers- hot water tanks with stainless steel hose for the production of house hot water which can stock an appreciable quantity of energy, produced by the heating station or from other alternative source and which shall be supplied gradually according to the necessary, decreasing the necessary of accumulated house dimensioned for the house through the hybrid system solution.

It is used in order to increase the capacity of the heating systems and for the household water without legionella.

The parallel the heating system and also ACM production.

There is no need of anti-corrosion treatment due to the fact that the puffer is a closed circuit.

The energy for heating the household water is ensured by the heat accumulator (puffer or tank) which can be heated by different systems: wood-pellet fireplace, solar collectors, thermal heating station on gas, heat pump or others..

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